What is a “Corporate Identity” and why you need one

If you have your own business you have probably heard the term “Corporate Identity” and wondered what it is and whether you need it, particularly if you are a smaller business.

So what is a corporate identity? It is essentially the visual components a company uses to promote itself. Wikipedia describes it as “A corporate identity is the manner which a corporation, firm or business presents themselves to the public, such as customers and investors as well as employees.”

At one time companies only had to think about how they presented themselves visually in printed material such as adverts in magazines and newspapers and their product brochures. With trends growing towards online promotional activity they now need to also address how they portray themselves online and offer a consistent message to their audience.

Some of the areas within your business that corporate Identity affect are:

  • Website design
  • Literature: business cards, stationery, leaflets, brochure design
  • Social media profile headers and any posts you create
  • Email marketing if you send out a regular newsletter
  • Email footer
  • Graphics produced for social media
  • Graphics for use at exhibitions
  • Interior and exterior signage
  • Advertising both print and online such as banner ads
  • Labelling & packaging


Corporate Identity can cover a multitude of things: from the company name, fonts used, any logos, strap lines, icons, employee uniforms, company colours etc. To really stand out from your competitors and establish credibility, you need to present a consistent visual message to your customers and potential customers and stakeholders.

So do you need a corporate identity if you are a smaller company? Absolutely! Even more than the larger well known companies in order differentiate yourself from your competitors. However it is unlikely you will need great big manuals on guidelines etc. You need to ensure all of your staff are aware of it though and adhere to it. Using your corporate identity effectively can create strong recognition, consistency and trust in your company.


The benefits of a good corporate identity are:

  • To deliver a clear concise message for the company, products and service
  • Standardise the company’s visual content across different media making you look more professional
  • Gives your company an identity and personality that people can relate to
  • Can influence your customer’s feelings about your company and or products
  • In general, people tend to remember what they have seen much better than what they read or hear. Therefore by creating a strong visual identity you will stay in your customer’s minds when they come to order

Why not give us a call today and see how Ocean Print can help you with your corporate identity across everything you do. Whether you need a logo, website, brochures, signage, exhibition graphics, business cards, window graphics we can help you develop consistent professional message throughout your communications and ensure you are ahead of the competition.